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  • High Quality QLQ Hot Wholesale Non-lock Zipper Slider Semi Automatic Assembly Machine

Non lock Zipper Slider Semi automatic Assembly Machine 1. Average Output: 1200-4800PCS/H 2. Slider come into repairing cutter through orbit by vibration plate automatically.Suitable for diffeence fancy puller. 3. Footswitch control. Operators can make 2pcs per time. 4. Slider stab repairing and slider assembly can be done on this machine. No need to repair slider burr in another machine. 5. The working speed can be adjusted easily according to operator. 6. Operator: 1 operator / 1 machine 7. Size: 150*90*105CM 8. Net weight: 220kg, Gross weight: 320kg


Price:US $1,500-4,000
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