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Garments industry changed our marginalized women’s life dramatically

We know Bangladesh is becoming an emerging economic tiger among South Asian countries. The main pillar of Bangladesh's economic abstract after the agricultural field garments sector has the significant contribution to enriching our economy.

The maximum exports revenue generated from the garments industry in Bangladesh. Not in the financial CONTRIBUTION this sector gets the revolutionary change in the marginalized women’s life.

We know in the present time more than five million people work in garment industries. 80% of the total garment workers are women. Before the early 80’s women of our village side, semi-rural areas were working in the nonproductive sector. Generally the marginalized women of our villages used to work as house maids in different districts of Bangladesh. They did not have formal recognition. They were deprived of their labor law rights. They did not get the weekly holidays as well. But after the 1980's our industry started to work to export their product on the international market. In 1983 our garments industries were able to start their export journey on the international market. From that time the number of garments industry started to increase every day.

Our garment owners started hiring women in their factory. Marginalized women started to come to Dhaka for garments jobs. Their fate changed dramatically. Now we can have a look at the change of marginalized women in our country below. 

Financial Independence:

Because of the garments sector women workers earn the money by their labor. They get financial independence. Women started to earn the asset. They can raise their voice against domestic violence because of financial independence.


When women start to earn money they give their attention to their children’s education. They spent a large amount of money on their child education. As a result Bangladesh's education rate is increasing rapidly which has contributed to the national economic growth.


For the empowerment of village and urban area’s women, the health issues of our people are getting better day by day. Women were conscious about their sanitary system. The Government of Bangladesh launches so many projects to develop the women garments worker health issues. Bangladesh garments manufacturers and exporters associations (BGMEA) build dormitories and hospitals for their staff. As a result they get better health facilities.


Once upon a time our village women did not use sophisticated products for their own take care like shampoo, shop, conditioners, etc. but we could see that in the last 30 years the mini pack culture of cosmetics came out to our market with a great influence. Different development organizations mention that the beauty product’s mini pack culture of our country developed because of the women garments workers. Women's garment workers started to take care of their own besides that other industries were also developed because of the Bangladeshi garment industries.

Legal right

With the organizational identification and financial independence women get to be aware about their legal rights also. We can see the minimum wage labor movement where the women’s workers are also coming out on the road to achieve their legal rights as well. Besides that, women workers are now more conscious about their security issue.

Develop the skills

At the starting time women's garments workers did not have the training facilities. They learn with their practical experience. They did not have the specialized knowledge. But with the time being garments authorities BGMEA, BKEMA and governments are arranging the training program for their workers. As a result they have the opportunity to make themselves experts on their own job. And we know the trained labor have much better wages. Not only in our industry is the international garments industry now showing the interest of hiring our trained workers. Many women workers are now grabbing this opportunity and changing their fate according to their own choice.  

There are innumerable people who haven’t yet visited Bangladesh’s garment industry but felt its warmth by the virtue of world-class apparel made by our country. Choose Bangladesh as your sole green and compliant hub for sourcing. The Bangladesh garment industry makes you feel proud also.

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