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Stylish button helps your attire to makes more fashionable

Button is a familiar word to us. Actually when we thing about the shirt, pant or skirt or any other garments product types button is a very common item which needed for the production stage.

In a very traditional definition we could say that a typically thin, small or big disk of hard substance which attached the pieces of cloth for safety issue through stiches is known as the button. But now a day button is use in the dress on any places like solder, chest etc. as per the design.   

The history of button is estimated the 5000 years old. It was discovered by in Pakistan by the ancient romans to fasten their cloth which buttons were made by bone, horn bronze and wood.  


Different types of button:

Our garments industry is familiar with different types of button about in the related field. In the 21 centuries modern buttons are more stylish and functional which is sometimes works as like zipper.

Some types of button:

Flat buttons

Hook button

Eye fattening button

Lapel buttons

Shank buttons,

Snaps button

Stud button


We can make differentiate according to the material which is used  to make the button is given below

Cloth button

Glass button

Leather button

Metal button

Pearl button

Polyester button

Wood button


Among all of these types Flat button is the most used button in that garments industry. Anyone can easily fit it in the holes of a short on pant or in the woven item. You can easily use this for attaching to your cloth. Metal, wood, glass and ceramic button are using to give the different look for your dresses.

In our garments industry they used different size of button with the different color according to the buyer. We know the client’s satisfaction is the main concentration point of us. We provide the button actually according to what our clients want. 

On the other hand some button are using just for the highlighting the logo of a brand. In this stage the flat button are using in a high ratio.

Label button are making by the metal materials. Because the most of the clients demands to portray its logo through the button of a metal. This button is little bit costly then the flat button. It also helps you to define your brands taste.


Factors consider to purchasing the garments buttons

Buttons are not just the accessories to enhance the safety and fastening device of your cloth. Its enhance your cloths decorative point of view. It helps your dress looking more charming. For these reason some factor we need to consider when we using the button on our dresses.

Type of garments:

At first you need to consider what type of garments product you providing to your consumer. Because formal garments and casual garments product looks is totally different. So when you select the button for the garments product you need to think about the product types. According to the type garments product you have to select the button you need to fix for your consumers.

Types of fabric:

During the choosing of the buttons for the production of garments product we need to consider the types of the fabric is using for the production as well. Because the weight, thickness, stability color is changed with the fabrics types. For example for the lighter fabric like chiffon you can not to select heavy button. In this situation you have to use the small and light weight button for your cloth.


Why we using the button in our dresses! It is very simple, is for the purpose of fastening. But always button is not using just for the fastening purpose. Sometimes one single button could be the more highlighting among the whole deign of your dress.


The type of button you choose should suit the overall aesthetic of your design. When you started your project, you often have an overall feel and aesthetic in mind. The buttons should act as a tool to bring that picture to life.


Depending the client demand or deign the buttons need to customized sometimes. In this time you may be need to use the pearl button or any other button which will enrich your cloth look what is your desires for four attire.

So at the end we can conclude in this way that button is a very small accessories for your cloth but it could be the main martials among the whole deign which could define your personality makes your look more charming which you want.

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